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"Indigo" Story

Story of Unconditional Love

Never Quit to be Human

Animal Protection and Welfare Association “Indigo” was founded out of love for dogs. The four founders have been involved in dog rescue, volunteering, dog adoption and education for many years.

Like most associations, the main goal is to take care of abused and abandoned dogs. In addition to the care itself, the goal is not only to adopt the dog but also to find a compatible owner. Education of future and current dog owners is primary.

Association regularly organizes school for dogs and their owners. Goal is to get to know the breed, behaviour and work with the dog thus enabling a better relationship between the owner and the pet in addition.  They also deal with the socialization and resocialization of abused and traumatized dogs  and educating people about the so-called “dangerous” breeds. Their dedicated and passionate work results that dogs go to new homes “tidy”, both physically and mentally. Happily and adequately adopted dog does not return to the road!


We at BRBLLS share their values, their no quitter style, their strive to be better humans day by day. Unconditional love, passion and dedication are the same values shared by fitness community. That is why we decided to help and donate 1 € from each product sold to “Indigo”. Not only because of the dogs, but because of all the members, volunteers and “babysitters” that work tirelessly round the clock to make this world a better place. It is a small contribution, but it makes our heart bigger.

Remember, every dog enters our lives for a reason… Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand. Dogs are our best teachers. We teach them how to adapt to our world, and they teach us how to love, how to find the last shreds of energy and patience and turn them into a source of love and attention.

Never quit to be Human!


From every product you buy, we donate 1 € to dog shelter "Indigo"

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Our soft and light fabrics are used to make your everyday training experience more comfortable and unique


Each piece of apparel is custom designed in our studio, produced from carefully selected fabric with quality and durable prints


Fabrics are sourced at and production is done by small family companies, most of them are our neighbours


From each sold product, 1 € is donated to dog shelter “Indigo” to help finance accommodation and medical supplies for abandoned dogs

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